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Foam & Away Services

Professional Car Valet in Falkirk, Boness, Grangemouth, Stirling and surrounding areas

We have prices from £25 up to £250. Let's start with the basics

Mini Valet

Prices from £25 to £45 depending on size and condition. (in all cases please call for a quote)

The mini valet includes the following;

Polish interior glass
Including sunroof and interior mirrors
Vacuum whole interior
Including down the side of seats, dashboard, door pockets and all the other hard to reach places. We will include the boot if its not full of golf clubs or building materials etc
Dress appropriate interior trim
Not everything in sight
Air freshener/deoderiser
We also offer a fogging / odour elimination service – got a dog?-get fogged!
Wash car bodywork
Including under wheelarches etc with non caustic traffic film remover and Autoglym shampoo conditioner. We also dry the car and the door shuts/checks
Clean the wheels and dress the tyres
Using a non acidic wheel cleaner on polished/unlaquered rims

Full Valet

Prices from £45 to £200 depending on size and condition (in all cases please call for a quote).

The full valet includes the following;

  • Wash car bodywork as above and dry it all off including all door shuts
  • Once its dry we remove all the tar spots from the car and wheelarch lips etc
  • We then give it a hand polish with Autoglym super resin polish.
  • Polish exterior and interior glass.
  • Dress exterior trim and/or spoilers and under arches
  • Dress tyres
  • Dress all door and boot seal rubbers.
  • On the inside we will shampoo the seats,upholstery/carpets and matsIf  you have a leather interior we will clean and condition the seats and upholstery.
  • Vacuum everywhere and clean all the door cards,dashboards and dress appropriate trim.
  • Polish any wood trim, instruments and any chrome door pulls etc
  • Air freshener/deodoriser
  • Plastic seat covers and paper mats are provided


Full Day Extra Specia Valet

Prices from £180 depending on size and condition (in all cases please call for a quote).

Your car collected in the morning, and cleaned at my premises and dropped back off when  finished .
Everything from the full valet above but with extras and extra time spent on every little bit. Under the bonnet steam cleaned and dressed also top up screenwash with Autoglym screenwash booster.

We also clay bar the bodywork removing contaminents such as tree sap, oxidisation and overspray which gives your car a glass like finish that is super smooth to the touch.

The bodywork is then polished by hand or machine if there is any light scratching that is to be removed. This is all topped of with a coat of wax,either Autoglym HD wax or Dodojuce Softwax.

Aromatek Odour Control

The Autosmart Aromatek machine uses dry vapour to neutralise strong odours such as cigarettes, doggy smell, milk, sick etc. It is best used after the car has had a full valet.

Add £40 to the price of a full valet for a 2hr session with the machine in your car.

AutoGlym Lifeshine Kit

This special protective surface coating is usually only applied by a new car dealership at a cost of around £350. We can apply a complete Autoglym Lifeshine kit to your car for £200.

There are 4 stages to the process

  • Gloss guard for exterior paintwork protection
  • Glass guard for interior and exterior windows
  • Upholstery protection
  • Screenwash booster added to washer bottle

Recommended for new cars or extra protection for cars that have had a full valet

Cabrio Roof Cleaning & Protection

Convertible roofs can turn green and mouldy through time if neglected. We can clean and protect your roof as part of any valet. Please ask if you want this included in any valet.

Aircon Sanitizer

Add 10 on to the price of any valet. Kills any bacteria in the air con system The aircon needs to be fully functioning for best results.

Other Random Stuff

When I'm cleaning your car and I notice things like tyres that need changed or wipers that have seen better days I always mention it to the customer as I believe this is all part of car care.

I also do a lot of work for garages, bodyshops and tyre suppliers and have knowledge of who to trust in the trade with your pride and joy so please ask if your car needs a service or some bodyshop time or even a tyre.

We use the following products on all our valets.

  • Autoglym
  • Dodo juce
  • Farecla
  • Numatic